Being in the Framing business for multiple decades, Straitline Framing is Colorado’s premier framing contractor.  With our, “Lead by example” work ethic and highly skilled craftsmen, we have the knowledge and skills to build any project.  Large or small scale, we do it all. Everything from design to construction including- Single Family & Custom Homes to Commercial and Multi-Family buildings.  Start to finish, you can count on our team to build your project timely and to your satisfaction.  We work year round rain or shine.  When is the perfect time to build your framing project?  Anytime with Straitline.
Single-Family & Custom Homes StraitLine has always been known for their expertise in custom frames. From modern urbanism, construction styles, Victorian or timber frames. We specialize in high end custom homes. Our experienced and talented team can handle any complex project.
Commercial & Multi-Family With StraitLine’s large resources of man-power and heavy equipment, we can handle all of your largest jobs. Whether one building or an entire project. Safety and lumber conservation is always a priority. Just like our Custom Homes, we build high end projects to complete customer satisfaction.
Remodels & Exterior Trim StraitLine is competent in just about every trim product from hardi to metal sidings and all specialty woods. Our crews are trained by the manufacturers’ professional installers and remain current on all the latest installation techniques. StraitLine also has crews committed to all your framing remodeling needs. From pop-top to histrical renovations, you can rely on StraitLine Framing Co.